Monday, June 27, 2011

Weight Loss is not easy... but totally doable!

How is it that so many people fail to maintain their weight? Are we all lazy? Or is it because our food addiction is too much? Is it because we don't exercise and are not burning calories? No. Failure in losing weight can be attributed to a few factors:

Most people do not understand the risk involved in obesity. The main reason people are attempting to lose weight is for a better look. Having better looks is definitely a benefit of weight loss, but this shouldn’t be our primary reason of wanting to shed the weight. A proven fact is that being overweight for a long duration kills thousands yearly. Thousands of studies have shown and proven that losing fat does improve and helps you to live longer. Knowing the dangers of being overweight can motive us to not only lose fat, but in keeping it off for good. However, this nexessitates a complete change in lifestyle, not just a quick diet. Living a healthy life is as addictive and contagious as living life as a gluten.

Most do not commit to constant changes in lifestyle. So many people think of diets as a temporary thing. When they are trying a new diet they bottle themselves up so much that they are miserable. Sooner or later failure is inevitable because of the demands of many diets. Some of these diets force the dieter to only eat specified foods (e.g., no carbs, specialized soups, water only, etc..) Perhaps you, like myself, have tried them before. The key to weight loss long term is in making lifestyle changes gradually you can stick to forever.

Most do not have the facts about weight-loss and committing to a healthier life. With the conflicting information through the media, and all of the different quick weight-loss diet fads, it's imaginable why many do not know the truth about weight-loss and maintaining it off long-term. If they do learn the truth of the dangers, many just pass it off as the fitness nuts judging those that are overweight; many obese people would rather accept the fact that they are overweight than become one of those shallow athletically fit people that they feel that they share nothing in common.  

Most people don't understand they are constantly either gaining more fat, or losing weight. There is no in-between. Some people justify binging or plain giving up because they hit a small road-block. This isn’t all or nothing. For instance, while I was overweight, if I ate too many carbs or fats at lunch, I would go ahead and eat a fatty dinner since I had already "messed up" the day. That or I'd say, I will start eating healthy starting first thing Monday since I’ve already eaten poorly over the weekend. Everyone at different times can eat too much. The people who are successful won't let a road bump get them completely off track of their change in lifestyle. If you aren't implementing positive changes in conditioned eating patterns and losing weight, you are gaining weight. Again, there is no in-between.

Most people do not realize their consumption day in and day out. Many overweight people will eat thousands of extra calories and trans fats without consciously realizing what they are doing. It is tough to know if you are gaining weight or keeping the weight off each day unless you are consciously keeping your eye on what it is you are consuming. Often this is because the subconscious mind is telling them that they are hungry and not the body alerting them that it needs to refuel. Food addiction is exactly like anything else the body has an addiction to, the conditioned addiction has programmed their mind to send false signals telling the person they are hungry. The key is to stop identifying with the conditioning and addiction through living healthily and often this requires healthy supplemental help to override the poor conditioning. Rooting out the addiction and the compulsive need for food in order to receive the benefits from an improved, healthy lifestyle is the key ingredient, not continuing to feed the addiction.

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